So of course the week that I decide to announce Babs potty trained on FriendFace is the week that she decided to pee in her pants/undies three times in one day for her Dada. Oy vey! We are doing well here – just busy! I know I am done with school, but that doesn’t mean…


Hiiiieeee so I MAY have had some to drink because I graduated today! I am ALMOST a real boy! That being said – super quick update on Babs and her undies. Only ONE accident this week! I am giving it to the end of the year…but I am pretty much calling her potty trained now….


Salutations! I have a plan for Monday nights now, and Babs is just about potty trained, so I think I am going to post on Saturdays with general updates on life and my rambles, and Mondays with this new thing, and Wednesday with my WIP still. I think. I can’t guarantee that though. Because. Well….