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Stazi is a busy mama to one wonderful Babby and partner to the Bear. They live in beautiful Colorado. When not in class or at work, Stazi likes to run, crochet, and read about the human body. She believes in enjoying the simple pleasures in life and in being kind.

Cast in my life:

the Bear: My partner in crime and wonderful other half. He is very dry with a wicked sense of humor – he balances my big personality! We met by happenstance, and I couldn’t be more happy about it.

the Babs: Our giant baby girl. A major character in our lives, she is a very easy going munchkin with a lot to say! We have yet to see if she will turn out to be a tiny dictator, but so far she is fairly benevolent (Except for when it comes to sleep).

Kronos: The princess kitty. He was a rescue when he was six weeks old and I was 19, and he has tried to rule the roost since. He is just such a princess!

Tillie and Ari: Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, they are my very cute, yet not very smart Affenpinschers. They were rescued about 4 months after the Bear and I met.

The lizards: There is a LARGE cast of lizards. We have several species and we love all of our babies. If you want to know more, you will have to follow the blog!

The turts: I LOVE my turtles. Mishell was an anniversary present from the Bear, Fredda was a rescue in 2010, and Mack was a rescue in 2014. Mishell and Fredda are three toed box turtles and Mack is a Western box. Fredda loves to judge, and Mack and Mishell keep more to themselves. All are mighty slug hunters.

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