SO. I was going to try to do diaper stuff once a week, but laundry disagrees with that, so here is our second cloth diaper usage post for the year! I used to do diapers on Monday and Friday mornings, but have been doing it whenever I can lately. My last post was for a full week! And I was going to try to recreate that but my nose disagreed so back to twice weekly :).

So for the past six days (Saturday through Thursday), we have had one disposable diaper! ONE! Which is great. I think I love the AppleCheeks for night time. We also had our first poop diaper for the five? weeks.


But! I can now start counting poopy diapers for the year, to see how well the EC really does work. Keep in mind that the Babs just turned 10 months.

We have been using more hybrids lately, because they are so darn cute! And they air her bum more, and all sorts of reasons, but they really bulk up the laundry basket!

Cloth diaper laundry. Six full days and nights. The cup doesn't count.
Cloth diaper laundry. Six full days and nights. The cup doesn’t count.

So we didn’t do so well for the six days and nights as we usually do, and I was getting pretty upset with myself today, since we were at 31 diapers, but then I realized that was for SIX ENTIRE DAYS AND NIGHTS. That, is great, and averages five diapers a day! Like I said, some days are great, some not so much, but we keep trying!

Running tally of cloth used – Week – 31, Year – 55.

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