So life got a hold of me again. Like it does. Whomp. Whompwhomp.

Anyways, I combined cloth 5 and 6 because, well, by the time I could get to this it was laundry day again so here we are. Well, I am anways. I *hope* Babs is sleeping, and the Bear was messing with his lizards before bed. I need to feed mine also. Remind me to do that.

So basically, what I have here is two sets of four days. Wednesday through Saturday full days, Sunday through Wednesday full days. I like to wash either late at night or first thing in the morning, because I hate trying to figure half days and I like things to fit into neat little boxes…yeah. I’m a messy tidy person?

Round five – 8 diapers! Plus 2 disposables. No poops. WHOOOOOO

She's actually amused this time! Round five
She’s actually amused this time! Round five

She was actually kind of happy with this picture! She is a VERY happy baby, she just doesn’t like me trying to get her to sit still for YET ANOTHER picture of her with diapers when there are EXCITING THINGS TO DO. And see. And you can throw diapers, did you know that??

Round six – 15 diapers! Plus 3 disposables. No poops. Less whooo, still exciting, since that is 18 total, so less than 5 diapers a day. Teething baby boobie monster has more post nap accidents when she wants to be a boobie barnacle and lay in bed nursing and not go potty. We will live. Well, my boobs might not. Probably will. Maybe won’t. But the baby and slightly more diapers will be fine.

Diapers! Flat shot since baby was sleeping
Diapers! Flat shot since baby was sleeping

I normally take pictures with my (adorable) Babbinz BUT she was already asleep at this writing, so this time we can actually look at her very cute poop catchers. Pee catchers really. No poops here!!

The Horde fitted was for Bear (He says they are too small for him, but y’all know what I mean, right?) I wanted him to be excited about the cloth too. He is. Ish. Not excited but he does appreciate “his” diapers. (Horde, alliance, ghost busters, etc.) I LOVE the toxic rainbow print in pink, but it is starting to not hold up as well and it makes me so sad! It is one of my favorite diapers. Le sigh. The “peas and love” one was a present from a good friend – it is SO soft and cute and I love it! Be your own kind of beautiful is a diaper I was lusting after – I have banned myself from buying more (We do NOT need more diapers!!) but this one I had wanted for months so I splurged :/. But it’s so pretty!! Wearing that one ’til it dies for sure.

If you didn’t know, the Broncos won on Sunday. Whoo! I guess that’s a big deal because Super Bowl. I don’t really care for football, since I played rugby for about 10 years, but Bear does, so I think it is really cute to dress Babs in her onesie to kind of match Daddy. Makes my heart melt a little.

Impressed. As usual.
Impressed. As usual.

And, as you can tell, she REALLY cares. A lot. Or she is pondering the finer things in life. We will go with that.

Brushes are yummy!
Brushes are yummy!

Also, brushes are yummy. Really they just feel good on the gums (I assume?) but we will go with it.

Babs and her daddy. *sigh*
Babs and her daddy. *sigh*

I can’t tell you how much I love that picture. My handsome man and our amazing little girl. All of the baby rabies looking at that. I am one lucky woman!!

Running tally! Still only 5 poopy diapers.

Running tally of cloth used – Week (5) – 8, Year – 92.

Running tally of cloth used – Week (6) – 15, Year – 107.

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