Just writing a quick ” hullo” because if I don’t now…I may not ever!

Not really, that was over dramatic, but my posting has been down a lot lately and while I maintain that my readership is at like 3, I hate to seem like a quitter.

Nothing too exciting here, we are all just chugging along. Bear may be home a bit more for the next two weeks or so, which would mean I can nest a bit and we can rearrange more how I am wanting to. We are redoing “Babs'” room (she still sleeps in her toddler bed in our room) and are going to put our queen bed in there on the floor, and move everything around so that there isn’t anything dangerous in there that she could pull over on top of herself, and then we are going to figure out shelving for diapers and new baby clothes and all of that. Trying to go more minimalistic, so I imagine we are going to be donating a lot of things! Which is exciting but also daunting.

I am trying to be active, but it is HARD! I have been doing kickboxing like every other week – I may go to the gym tomorrow morning after I get off of work and go swim laps as an alternative, but we will see how I feel then! I start with good intentions and then feel as though I have been hit by something.

Part of that may be that I am stretching – I still don’t *look* super pregnant, but man do I feel it! I feel like I am just expanding wherever my body wants to, andmy sides are tight. I need to look up different brands of belly bands to see which offer the most support, because it makes a big difference in my day to day.

I guess we will see? I think it still counts as clothing though :/ which is my New Year’s resolution – to not buy clothing for myself this year. So. I need to think on that one!

Do you have a brand YOU like?

I will try to be back tomorrow or the next day for a WIP Wednesday.

<3 Stazi

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