Motivation Post 19


Here I am again. Almost 2200. Aaaaand going to drink some water and go to bed.

Last week I didn’t do much. I did the one kickboxing class and walked a few miles with Babs. My knee was tender the night that I walked, so I am going to try again (maybe Wednesday) and see how it feels that night. Curiously, it didn’t hurt at all after kickboxing, just the repetitive motion stuff.

Balls. I am really hoping to not have to see a doctor about that :/ So. Time will tell. I have to go down south ish tomorrow anyways, so I will be using my gift card from three years ago FINALLY to get new running shoes. Bear got it for me for my birthday, then I got pregnant, then I was lazy…it is WAY past time.

I think my calves will appreciate it, and I am pretty sure that my knee will also. If I don’t do running shoes, I do need to get new sneakers tomorrow. Both sets of shoes need to be replaced. Much like clothes shopping though, it is SO hard to find ones that fit well. And that I like. And that are cute.


Only partially sasquatch sized – I’m a petite sasquatch. So I have that going at least.

Goals for this week – 2 to 3L of water a day!
One kickboxing class
Get in 4 miles, walking or jogging, pending my knee.

Side note – Way Back Burger, on Federal, in Denver – not worth it. They have “Monday deals” but don’t appropriately mark that THEY SUCK and are only applicable to one type of meal per entire purchase. So instead of Bear and I getting our meals for7.99 each and Babs for 3.99 like the poster says if you don’t get all up in it’s testes, it was TWENTY SEVEN DOLLARS.

Should have just gone to Red Robin.

Screw you, way back burger.

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