Motivation Post 20



I didn’t post for like a month. Almost a whole month. Which is kind of frustrating for me, as I had been doing pretty well with three times a week.

But that’s okay. I needed some down time.

Anyways, I have mostly been keeping to my kickboxing once a week, and have been walking, not running. Still haven’t gotten new running shoes – and that is okay. I will. One day. :) Joking, probably in the next few days, depending on when I can get away from Babs for a little while. I don’t imagine trying to find appropriate running shoes with a toddler would be very fun.

But I could be wrong.

Kickboxing has been fun! I am definitely still not in good shape – this would probably change if I were to go more than once a week. But it does help with my strength. And I feel good after. So it is worth it.

Maybe someday Iwill go more than once a week. But I don’t really see that happening very often. You know…toddler. Partner. Work. Things.

I am eating slightly better, so that may help? I love summer and all of the fruit! It makes me SO happy.

My best friend is getting married in less than a month and I am so excited!!

That is all. <3

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