Motivation Post 21

Hello! I am trying to get back on board here :)

I promise every post won’t be a fetus update.

I am trying to stay active this pregnancy, so today we are going to go to the home of a friend, then walk the mile ish to the library for story time. Hopefully we don’t melt on the way back! I left some soy wax crayons in the car this weekend, and they melted in my center consul! Lesson learned, I suppose. It wiped up easily, so it turned out okay. I REALLY need to clean my car, so extra motivation?

So we are doing our walk, which is cool, then I am going to kickboxing tonight at 5, after Bear gets home and has Babs. I was going once aweek until about three weeks ago – a CRAZY work schedule and then being in my legs’ wedding threw my me time out the window. And that’s okay. But tomorrow, I am going, and I am probably going to die :) I am actually really excited, I miss moving as much, and it is SO hard to motivate myself to do things at home when I could play TsumTsum or crochet or sleep or…anything else really.

I am still trying to drink at least 100 oz of water a day – that isn’t always happening, but luckily Babs likes to remind me :) I am working on it, I get 50 to 80 oz usually. So, keep trying, right?

Plan for the week:
80 to 100 oz of water a day!
Walk three times this week
Kickboxing tonight
Pack my own lunches all three shifts this week and actually eat them!

Any other fun goals anyone can think of?

See you soon!

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