Motivation Post 22

Hi there! It was a long week, and next week promises to be even longer. I just realised that one of my days off is actually an on call shift – not excited, since it is one of my friend’s bachelorette parties!

Anyways, fitness/motivation/water.

Last week I went walking with my friend at the mall, since it was disgustingly hot outside at 0930. BLECH. So we mall walked, and chased the kids, and talked. It was really nice.

Tuesday night I went to kickboxing – I missed it! I didn’t realise I hadn’t gone in FIVE FREAKING WEEKS – what the what man? Luckily, my body likes me (or working out, I don’t know) and I didn’t die! So that was definitely a plus. On the negative side, one of my favorite trainer/teachers there just moved back to Philly to be with her family, so that sucks. Oh well – life goes on, no?

I wasn’t crazy active this week, but working counts, right?I am sure I get a crazy number of steps each night I work!

We went to the Renaissance Festival yesterday. That’s a permanent structure in Larkspur, Colorado that does a Renaissance themed fair for two months each year. It is hot and crowded and wonderful, and there are lots of costumes and fun things. And food. Oh, the food. I had one of these bad boys…

This deliciousness was WORTH IT

If you haven’t had a scotch egg, you are missing out. You basically take a hardboiled egg, encase it in ground sausage, then batter and fry it. YUSSSSS they are SO good and the only place I knew that had them closed. However, upon posting to friendface, I learned that at least two other places have them in Denver! YUSSSS. Also, Bear said he can make it on the traeger – double win? ALL OF THE WINS.

I am definitely counting yesterday as a workout though – I brought the stroller to the festival – NOPE. I definitely ended up carrying Babs in the LennyLamb for the better part of three hours. She walked some, was convinced to ride in the stroller a bit, and rode a llama for a few minutes, but I hauled her 30# rear for most of it, and that place is hilly! (And dirt, so…mmmm).
I fully anticipate being sore today and tomorrow. And needing to stretch a lot. That’s okay :) It’s good for you, right?

Pavo grande wanted Mama Up alllll day

So, I was one walk down from what I had wanted to do, and water intake was CLOSE but not quite – still need to work on it. I work A LOT this next week, so I don’t know when I will get walks in, but I am planning on one kickboxing class, one walk and one workout video this week.

80 Oz of water a day. And more fruit :)

Be well everyone!

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