Motivation post 23


I am trying to post at least once a week – let’s see how this goes! My schedule is somewhat regular for the month of August, so I can plan a little bit better than I have been.

Being active has been challenging! It is balls hot here, I have a small child, I only want to sleep and I feel guilty asking someone to watch Babs so I can go work out. I will get over it, but man!

I went to kickboxing yesterday for the first time in almost two weeks, and today I am WADDLING. My hips HURT. The secondary instructor was trying to get me to improve my burpee form and I was like… nah man. I’m doing them. I don’t GAF if my feet should be on the outside of my hands when I pop up, because these abs are going one direction – out.

Bad idea possibly

I was SO sweaty, and the other people in class probably didn’t appreciate my chub through my wifebeater BUUUUTT it happened. I enjoy kickboxing, I just need to stay active so it doesn’t hurt so bad! Also, to figure out alternatives to crunches/bicycles/leg lifts etc so I’m not all crushing my descending aorta and stuff.

Palisades is a place here in Colorado, and they have yummy fruit! It is that time of year when there are boxes of peaches being sold on like every other street corner – and I am not QUITE ready to spend as much money as they want on a box, so we got some Costco white flesh peaches (which are still tasty, just not the same) and I am hoping that will stave me off until I am willing to pay roughly $1.50 per (amazing) peach. Just NOT quite there yet. That is the nice thing about being pregnant in summer – fruit everywhere! So satisfying and delicious.

Anyways. Busy busy this week. Wish me luck on moving more than I did last week!


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