The busy twin

Hi. I am Stazi. I am FINALLY explaining the name of my (attempted) blog!

This is me. And my twin.
This is me. And my twin.

I’m the one on the left. And that’s my sister on the right. You guessed it – we’re twins. No, we aren’t identical – I am 3 inches taller and we look like sisters but definitely not identical to each other. Until recently we looked more like our brother than like each other, but with age comes resemblance…or however the saying goes.

I love her, we can’t read each others mind, we both enjoy beer and sugary treats, and have amazingly ridiculous memories for things that DON’T MATTER. We would make an impressive trivia duo. Throw the Bear in and we are set for trivia domination.

Why am I the “busy” twin?

I am in nursing school full time.
I work full time at a hospital here in the Rockies. 12 hour shifts. overnight.
I have an amazing Babbinz that I am trying to raise well.

As if that isn’t enough – I also enjoy fiber crafting, attempting to read, and I TRY to be a good friend. This is hard to do with my ridiculous schedule, but I try. Kick me if I am neglecting you!

I have 11 months left of nursing school. I am hoping to take and pass the NCLEX shortly after, but we will see how that pans out.

I work nights since I get to see my family more. If I work days, I leave at 0630, and get home at 2000. Babs is asleep, I shower, kiss Bear and go to bed. No fun for any of us. If I work overnight, I leave at 1820 and get home at 0800, with Bear bringing the Babs to me when she signs (signs!!) that she wants night night or milk. I wake up at 1500 or 1600 and am able to spend a few hours with my family before departing again. Hard? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely.

Babs – self explanatory. I know we all avoid pregnancy for reasons, but having had her – I honestly wonder why I waited so dang long. She is amazing. I mean, I KNOW why I waited, but man, she is great. I can’t wait to have another. I mean, I can, my schedule is balls, but I am excited for another little person in my life. One day. After the NCLEX.

I don’t sleep as much as most other people, and half of the time, anxiety keeps me awake, but I love my life, and would change few things about it. It will be amazing to be a real boy and not have ALL OF THE THINGS all of the time, and to only work my three twelves, but so far, with the help and support of my amazing fiance and my family, we are making this work!

So – that’s me :)

Babs in the ergo. Love the Rocky Mountains and all of the sunshine! And how I love this little person.
Babs in the ergo. Love the Rocky Mountains and all of the sunshine! And how I love this little person.

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