I guess this technically could be a “work in progress” post but I just realized I haven’t posted in about two months. So. Slacker here. It also made me realise no one missed me blogging, BUT it’s mostly for me anyways.


29 weeks pregnant!

I’m almost at 30 weeks gestation, which means I’M HAVING A BABY SOON. What the what? I feel like it has simeltaneously been super fast and sooooooo slow at the same time. Fetus is VERY active and likes to party. It was breech at 20 weeks but this thing moves all the damn time and I am hoping it settles in a cephalic position by 37 weeks. We will see I guess! Babs is guessing little sister, so I guess we will see! Bear actually knows what it is, but he values life so no one else does. Unless you want to pay a million dollars for it. I’ll give up my surprise for that. Cash.

I’m doing well, just getting chubby and it’s harder to breathe, but all in all I am a very lucky pregnant woman. Just chugging along at this point, growing a baby, since most of the fun developmental stuff is done already. Whoo!

Massage time!

I was very lucky and got a free 80 minute massage! It was part of a class for continuing education credits for licensed massage therapists to learn abaout prenatal massage, so lucky me! I did have to wake up early after a shift BUT it was totally worth it. I will have to check back with the school and see if they have other offerings, for myself or for Bear!

Also, this happened.

Babs loves Spike!

We got a hedgehog! About a week ago. One of my good friends got several and Babs has been all about them. I have kept and bred them before and said “eff it”, so we got one, that Baby promptly named Spike. She loves to say good morning and good night to her, and thinks feeding her meal worms is like one of the best things ever. One of these days I will bust out a roach to feed to her :) Sans Babs, first time anyways, because it may be GROSS. Bugs.

Anyways, besides fetus and hoglet, I am just working as much as I can right now to build up PTO and we are trying to do stuff as a family. Babs’ room is almost completely the way I want it to be (I keep procrastinating) and we FINALLY got rid of the second couch in the basement that I wanted gone. There is SO much more room down there! I’ve even been vacuuming it (that’s a big deal!). Life is going well for us, all in all. Just small domestic things we are trying to settle before newbie gets here.

What is going on in YOUR world?


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