Work in Progress 53

Goals – not to eat so many chicharrones. I had them twice today and I don’t regret it, though I probably should.

Oh well.

Anyways! I have two more squares to weave ends in on…and I don’t wanna.

So I have been doing this.

Mostly done!

I love these blankets – they work up quickly, they are not TOO heavy but are still warm, they have a nice texture and you can make them square or rectangular.


So this one is for a baby that is already born :)

Thankfully it will be done in just a day or two, depending on how much I work on it, but still…I usually aim to have them done before it is an outside baby, WHOOPS.

So. Lots of chicharrones, not so much action. Going to get on it. If I can’t make a kickboxing class tomorrow night, I am going on Saturday morning. Gotta get it in somewhere! And I will probably get shoes on Saturday also. Babs had a hangry meltdown at the pool yesterday, so I was NOT about to stop toget running shoes!

Also – I HAD to put on real pants today to get breakfast with my mom – was not going to the store also. It was gloomy and dark and a movie watching day at our house. I felt bad, because we basically slept, watched Moana and the Little Mermaid, and snuggled. I guess we read a bunch of stories too. Which is great and I love her memory (Seriously, it is freakish) but I felt like a bad mom today for not really DOING anything. And I should have.

And I can’t really make up for it tomorrow, because day shift. Blech.

So, with that – it is 2115. I am going to be IN BED by 2200, dammit! So I am off to wash out my hair and go to sleep.

Be well. Stay warm.

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