Work in Progress 54


I dropped off of my blogging bubble. Sorry folks. I do have a good reason though! I have been tired, and grumpy, and unmotivated, and spending my time growing a small human.

Bear and I are having another baby! Little guy is due in late December (I am holding out for January) and I am just tickled! We thought it would take a while (it didn’t) and it has kind of been an adjustment for both of us, though I can only speak for myself. I had always wanted about two and half years between children, and that isn’t happening, but we will be fairly close to that!

Bear wants to find out the gender, since we didn’t with Babs, but I would like another surprise. He and Babs both think girl, but I guess time will tell. 5 more weeks before we have to worry about it :) I can’t eat much, which is really frustrating, and have lost weight, but it has been almost exactly the same as the first time. So that is neat!

So. I am grumpy. And tired. And unmotivated. But excited! I am enjoying working as a nurse and continuing as a La Leche League leader -I have met so many nice women and am happy to help others with their breastfeeding journeys.

Off of the boob chat – work in progress. I am starting a new blanket tonight that needs to be done in about a month – I need to get cracking on it! I haven’t wanted to really touch anything yarny, but with that hiatus, I think I am ready to start again! Wish me luck :) I still have a ton of yarn in my stash, and maybe I can make some cute stuff for other people too.

Current work in progress

almost 15 weeks! I will post next week with a yarn update. Thanks for checking in everyone!

<3 Stazi

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