Work in progress 55

Sorry I didn’t post on Monday! I worked Sunday Monday and Tuesday, so today I kind of have time to write for a minute.

Haven’t exercised this week – plan is to kickbox either tomorrow or Sunday. Lots of stuff to do – maybe Babs and I will go for a walk on Friday morning before La Leche League – I don’t know yet! I do know I am getting squishier and need to move.

I don’t have a picture of what I am yarning right now (early stages still) but I do need to get a move on it!!


One of my friends is getting married soon, and we had her bachelorette party on Saturday. I went to dinner but not the other activities. It was nice! The restaurant was a little pretentious but yummy, and I ate all of the things. We had quail and escargot and lamb and cheeses and squid and crawfish beignets – would go back just for the beignets.

As you can see, still not really bumpy yet. I am able to play “baby or burrito” with myself, but if you don’t see me all the time and or know what I look like with tight clothes – it’s not obvious.
Which doesn’t really hurt my feelings – I am wondering when I will really start to show this time.

Anyways – goal for this week is to power through a skein and a half of the blanket I need to get done! The yarn is large, so it should be doable, but it is just finding the time! I am more sleepy now than I have been, and it is nice sometimes to just sit on my phone, or try to tidy, or do anything really besides what I “need” to do. You know?

Anyways, I am going to finish the online breastfeeding course I am doing right now, then going to clean a tiny bit, then to bed!

Be well

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