Work in Progress 56


So I have been in a crochet slump for a while, not really wanting to do anything.

A while ago I had told Bear’s aunt that I wouldnt make another cross blanket for her daughter who is going to a small religious college. Well…like a week before she leaves I’m like SHEEEEEET and hauled some serious ass on this thing.

This is day 2

This is day two, two skeins in. I posted in one of my friendface mom groups for solidarity/support/to whine about my being a slacker.

Day 3

This is four skeins in! I managed to do two a night several nights in a row and banged this mofo out.

Showing the bump too

Working on the monstrosity but also showing off the bump.

The morning of the day she left

So I stayed up late several nights in a row working on this thing. Averaging two skeins a night, I would say once I really lit the fire it too 6 nights. I could have done it in five BUT procrastination. But, given several hours (3 to 4) a night without concentrating on other things and I got it done in the wee hours of the day that she left. Got it washed. Got the ends woven in. Got it to her mom before they left.


Moral of story – you never know what you are capable of until you get yourself backed into a corner.

Also, don’t super procrastinate. Probably.

Another skein of yarn would have been nice to add an extra three inches or so to the top, but I literally bought the last skeins the store had so. It is what it is. If she wants longer I can add to it when she comes to visit :)

This pattern takes forever but is very satisfying. I am tempted to make another one in baby size, but it will take exactly as long and just be smaller and I am not sure I am ready for that just yet.

So, I wait. But now I want to fibercraft again, so that is exciting. I need to work through some of the mountain of yarn that I have so that we can organize the basement in a more appealing manner – I have yarn and craft stuff everywhere in Babs’ room and since we are shifting beds around I need to reorganize!

Wish me luck <3

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