Work in Progress 57

Hi! Just a little work in progress update :)

I am actually working on a blanket – a friend bought yarn a WHILE ago and I said I would make her a blanket…before I lost my get up and go for crochet. So since I kicked the butt of the celtic cross, I figured I would keep going since I have SO MUCH YARN to use!

I don’t have a picture of that, but I have maybe half a skein into it so far. Not huge, but something. Going to work on it a tiny bit before I go to bed, which I have been doing WAY too late lately. My internal clock is so screwy – I can’t fall asleep when I do lay down, and then I wake up easily usually. Yay pregnancy! So glamorous.

Speaking of the glamours of pregnancy…here’s a picture!

22 weeks pregnant!

You can’t tell, but I am finally getting a little bumpy. It actually doesn’t matter if you can tell, because this baby is kicking the snot out of my uterus most of the day, and I know it’s there. I’m almost back to prepregnancy weight,baby is measuring about a week ahead and we are just chugging along! I have been REALLY lucky with easy pregnancies and I am SO grateful for that.

We have been in the process of getting a new bed for a month or two. It’s been the plan, then we had to research, then actually buy, etc. Our frame came today – the bed comes tomorrow! We got a Leesa – a bed in a box. Bear is really excited, and it has a pretty good waranty. I am just crossing my fingers it works well! We are excited to have more room – I am not little, Bear is definitely not little, and since Babs ends up in our bed sometime after 4 am usually…it will be really nice. Especially with my expanding waistline!

That being said, it means some shuffling. Since Babs is still in our room, hers is kind of a catch all for…all. It has a TON of stuff in it. So I have slowly been pulling stuff out – the living room needs reorganized badly also, especially now with my craft stuff in it, but ONE THING AT A TIME.

Before ish. Minus a bed

Here is a weird angle view. There used to be a twin bed in the empty spot, and you can’t see the shelves or anything on the wall next to where I took the picture, but you can see a lot of STUFF.
I need to be more prompt about working on my to do list – and getting rid of what I don’t need. That was last Wednesday.

Getting there!

This is from an hour or two ago. You can’t see all of the stuff I pulled out, or reoganized, but I switched out two drawer organizer things for two different ones, pulled the bookshelf, organized Babs’ toys and vacuumed! There is still a lot to do but…it is doable. I am trying to keep her clothes more organized -she has a ton of them, and I have the next three sizes for her! I have felt that this baby is a boy, but I kind of hope it is another girl, since we have SO much stuff for one, and it is all pretty awesome. I guess we will see :) I am excited for tomorrow! The plan is to move our bed to her room tomorrow when Babs and I wake up from our nap and Bear is home from work. Lay out our frame,and wait for the bed! It should be here late afternoon, and it needs an hour to expand after we get it out of the box. Yay! Tomorrow night is SO exciting :)

Wish us luck, and I will post again with the finished room!

<3 Stazi

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